The snuggle is real

It is never too early to teach a child how to be organized. The earlier, the better. Kids love to learn new ways of doing things, so it would be a big score if parents could encourage their little ones the importance of being organized and putting all their toys in place. I have a heart for kids. Maybe it’s because I was only five when I fell in love with organizing. I see things through their eyes and remind myself of how peaceful and organized a space feels like. I love how creative kids can be. I love how innocent they are. I love how they are so positive. I love how they always want to explore. I see this as a big investment in a parent gives to a child. Oh well, at least I can speak for myself and say that my parents invested a big deal by teaching me everything I had to learn about organizing. Today, I can help other women, young wives, children and young people how to stay organized.

Today’s post is inspired by a young mother who has come to learn the art of organizing. I have done projects for her a number of times and helped her create her special corner …. her makeup station. But this time, she needed tips on how to maintain being organized with her kid’s closet. She noticed that whenever she left her child with her husband, the drawers would be left a mess. I felt her frustration because I know how it feels to have a disorganized drawer. Her husband thought he was doing all he could to help out with the child. and besides, the poor man did not have time to carefully remove that ‘Daddy on Duty’ ounsie with a screaming child in the background.


There are times when daddies want to help, but find it hard when things are not in place. Life is made easier for both parties when the place is organized. I created a special corner for the kid which can be moved anywhere around the house. This works best for mothers who want to stay organized and still get the help they need from their husbands, their sitters or their mother-in-law. Clothes for the day and any other important things which might be hard to find are left on this little rack for easy access. That way, mother does not have to deal with the stress of re-organizing the entire drawer.


Your child deserves better. Their little space is a reflection of their mother …. so, organize it well. And have fun. There is nothing prettier that those little clothes. Dumping kid’s clean clothes and leaving them in a hamper should be a crime. Please DO NOT do that. Fold them and put them away. I know my mission has been accomplished when I see a satisfied client. What’s a score for her is a big score for me. While others are complaining out there saying ‘The struggle is real’, you can bask in the organized corner of your child room and whisper, ‘the snuggle is real’. So, there is a way to keep those little outfits organized. Don’t blame daddy!!!

Cheers from my corner to yours!

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