Eat Thy Greens

This is one of the top commandments found in my corner and the results are amazing. There are so many ways to enjoy your greens. I almost turned vegetarian once I discovered how fun it is to prep my greens. Whether it be Smoothies, salads, a quick snack or even for garnishing …. greens just have a way to bring out the best of my meal prep time.


There is a motto in Inchee’s Corner that we live by:

~Analyze, Realize otherwise you’ll never Organize~

What this means is that you will have to sit back and analyze your own life. We are all different and have different needs. Where one’s top need would be to declutter their Closet, another person’s top need might be to get rid of clutter too, but in another area, like their body. Getting to analyze what your specific need is will help you tackle the right corner and take care of your need accordingly.

You can only realize what your need is once you have take some time out to ponder on your life. We live in such a busy world where we are caught up doing this and that and forget to take care of ourselves or our surroundings. We need to be intentional about taking some time out to realize those needs.


You will never get to organize your life. You will not be able to take care of your nutritional needs. You will not be able to buy the right food to stack up in your pantry or refrigerator. You will not be able to enjoy that place you call home. You will only be able to organize what you have come to analyze and realize.

People think organizing is only meant for garages, pantries, cabinets, closets and other corners in your house. Well, to a larger extent, yes. But what if I told you that you can lose a few pounds by being organized?!?! Sounds too good to be true, huh??? It is true and it is possible!!! Get rid of the clutter that fills your body by organizing your fridge and keeping a healthy stock of what is there. I like telling my clients this… Prepping is key. Even doing the smallest thing as prepping your snacks will take you a long way and keep you from snacking on every junk and ewww you come across.

I have had an opportunity to organize and prep meals for clients and there is nothing greater than seeing lives get transformed by simply following one simple rule. I am blessed to be a part of this Green Generation and I love every opportunity I get to help someone, especially busy professionals, make better nutritional choices. It’s unfortunate that not everyone can be awesomely organized. However, let the ones who can, help out the ones who cannot. And that’s just how life is. We need each other. The smoothie is greener on the other side because someone prepped well and organized like a pro.

One simple rule to remember… Eat Thy Greens and have fun prepping your meals.


As you take care of your surrounding, remember yo take care of your body too. Feed it well. Let me know how I can help.

Cheers from my Corner to yours!!

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