Slay in every corner

Dear Ladies

Surround yourself in a space that sets the tone for your dreams, thoughts and actions. Being organized as a wife has been lots of fun.

Did you know that there are times when your man wants to serve you breakfast in bed all week but your messy self makes that impossible because he cannot even find a place where you put the measuring cups? He cannot find a place where the vase is. Poor man has no idea where the tray is. Now he is forced to ask you. What’s the surprise in that. Please be organized and allow the man to serve you well…. as the queen you are to him. Romantic guys are all around us, but only one in a tenth of those men will find their way through that mess you create and still surprise you.



Did you know that there are days when your man wants to take you away on a surprise weekend getaway but your messy self makes that impossible because he cannot even find a place where the sexy lingerie or fancy dresses are. Everything is mixed up …. the dude doesn’t even know what to pack for you. Please, please…. organize your closet and give the man a chance. Surprise weekend getaways with everything packed for you are amazing. Not only that, but it is fun having someone plan something and all you have to do is simply show up. Create a special corner, a shelf, a basket or a bag where he can easily access those sweet goodies and plan away.



Did you know that there are days when your man would like you to find everything laid out for you for a special Valentine dinner in the month of March with a note saying ‘wear this, your ride will be here at 7:30p’…… but your messy self spoils his plans because he cannot find the heels anywhere where he thought you kept your shoes. Please have your things in order. If you want to be that Proverbs 31 wife, be organized. That woman definitely was.




Complaining that he does not write those love notes or cards to you? Lady wake up, your purse is in a mess, you don’t see his notes. Your car is full of clutter, the cards are buried. Your makeup station is so out of order the man doesn’t know how he can write a message to you on your mirror. Step up your organizing game.


Complaining about him not being helpful with the kids and not assisting with their bath time? Lady, the man does not know where in your messy world you keep the kid’s towels. The only towel his eyes can see is the one on the kitchen floor.


Did you know that there are days when your man would like you to take a whole week off from cooking and be in the kitchen spoiling you with all the healthy and special meals….. but your disorganized self makes him spend more time watching his favorite show because he knows that the only person who can maneuver around that messy kitchen or take something from the fridge without something else falling out is his lady. Sometimes, you find yourself wondering why he won’t make anything for you. Lady, that refrigerator is a turn off. An organized, efficient fridge helps you to make those smart nutritional choices.



Every corner in your house sets the tone and reflects your thoughts. I will always live by this motto … Analyze, Realize, otherwise you’ll never Organize. Slay in every corner.


Cheers from my Corner to yours!!

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