The laundry room, your secret place

I am dedicating this post to every housewife, every woman, every girl, every mother and to every super woman desiring to live a healthy and organized life. While washing is a task, folding and putting away clothes is a superpower. So, do give yourself a pat on the back, for you my friend, are a superhero (IF) you can fold and put away.

Laundry is one of those never-ending tasks. It seems to multiply in the hamper when nobody’s watching. Just when you think the job is done, you find more behind a closet door or under a bed. Or you really do finish it, but then everyone changes into their pajamas. Before you even fall asleep, half a load is already waiting for you to do the next day. I have heard a lot of people joke that any time a parent goes missing, someone should check the laundry room because he or she has probably been buried alive.

Let’s face it, doing laundry continually is the only way to keep it under control. If you ever take a break, then you know it can become overwhelming in a hurry. It’s also important to do it completely. And that’s been my laundry motto for years…. Do it completely!! We all know what happens if we leave wet items in the washing machine. It is definitely not pretty. That load of towels doesn’t need one more spin in the dryer, that’s just an easy way to delay folding them. And we are all guilty of trying to pull that trick, right?

A lot your chaotic questions will be answered in your laundry room. The mess you see in your closet just doesn’t come about, it all springs from the disorder found in the laundry room. Make it a habit to organize your laundry room and you will be sure to have an organized and happy Closet. I like to remind my family, friends and clients that a perfect laundry room is equal to a perfect closet. A disorganized laundry room in most cases calls for a disorganized closet.

Sort it out in the laundry room and it will be well organized wherever it ends up. It is almost impossible to throw around in your closet something that you took time to fold in the laundry room. As for me, it makes me smile to have nicely folded clothes. Putting them away is my after party.

How well organized your laundry room is will tell your closet story. Your laundry room is your ‘once upon a time’ and your closet is ‘how your story unfolds’…. tell me, is your story fun to read…. is your story teaching me something, is your story just a description of what disorganization is, is your story a horror where you just can’t find anything, does your story have a happy ending whereby you actually enjoy your dress up sessions and there is a spark of joy when you enter your closet.

See, it all starts with taking care of that special room….. the laundry room. Create your own Pinterest ‘kinda’ laundry room and your closet will look like a Pinterest ‘kinda’ closet. It’s that simple. There are just those corners in your home that will require your special attention and the laundry room should top your list. Once you neglect how it looks, it will manifest in the other corners like your closet, your kid’s drawers and your linen closet. And when everything has a place, you will want to keep it where it belongs and not stuff it in the laundry room for who knows how many days.

Personally, I like to sort out the linen while it is in the laundry room, before it is taken to the linen closet. And I always encourage others to do the same. Have you ever found yourself searching for that one pillowcase that goes with a particular set of sheets? It can be frustrating. I learned this the hard way because my mum would always make up search for it on nights when we had guests and I tell you, it was more annoying than frustrating. Since then, I have always made it a habit to put away full bedding sets with labels. It makes everything so much easier. That way, your linen is not mixed up. Everything is better in a home when everything has a place.

Prayer works much the same way. It was never meant to be a one-and-done scenario. Prayer is an ongoing form of communication between our Father and us. Problems tend to multiply faster than dirty laundry in the bathroom hamper when we don’t deal with them prayerfully. See, we were never meant to bear our burdens alone, and won’t we all admit that we feel overwhelmed in a hurry when we try?

The secret place I created for prayer got me thinking about what it would be like to treat the laundry room as the secret place for my dirty Laundry. To pray without ceasing in my secret prayer corner would be what it is to wash without ceasing in my secret laundry corner. I have found out that when I pray without ceasing, the load is easier to carry. And in the same way, when I do the laundry continually, the load that I need to put away daily is lighter. Pray without ceasing, and while you’re at it, throw a load of laundry in the machine.

Thanks for being a superhero. Please do share this post with other superheroes in your circle.

Cheers from my Corner to Yours!

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