How an organized fridge changed my life

We often hear of people telling stories of how someone changed their life or how a certain event changed their life. Well, for me, I would have been on the floor rolling with laughter If someone had told me ten years ago that an organized fridge would change my life.

We tend to overlook the stress that comes with figuring out what to cook, the amount of time we have to spend in the kitchen cooking after a long day’s work and eating whatever we can while at home or out on the move. One smart way of eating healthy is having an organized fridge.

We all have to listen to our bodies. You do not need the doctor to confirm with you that your health is on the loop before you start eating clean. Eating healthy is a personal choice and it should be for everyone…. whether you are overweight or skinny. Did you know that you can be skinny and still feel like crap inside? That is because of all the bad toxins that we feed our bodies because of lack of time to prepare. It’s true, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This applies even in one’s healthy lifestyle, you have to be careful about what you put in your body, and that will mean carefully planning your meals and your snacks too. What good is it to eat a healthy lunch and snack on junk all day. Packing snacks is not only for kids. Adults need it even more. I prep everything from snacks, to breakfast smoothies, to mason jar lunches, to dinner, and what a joy it is opening my well organized fridge every day and having all that great food ready on the go. This my friends, is a real game changer. How did I not know about this back in my Uni days??

I was never that big in body size but I definitely felt like crap inside. I was always tired, moody, stressed, woke up tired and not motivated enough to work on my hobbies or goals. I was mentally and physically drained. My turning point came when I decided to do a cleanse for 10 days. I had all my things so organized and that caught the attention of more than a thousand people on social media. I felt like a new person after the cleanse. The fact that my fridge was so organized with those goodies gave me extra motivation to go on. I loved the view every time I opened my fridge. I treated myself as if I was at a five-star Hotel for those ten days and prepped my snacks like a pro. I had my spa water ready everyday and that pretty sight in itself gave me the push to drink more water than I would on a normal day. After those ten days, I felt lighter mentally and physically, my mood improved, my blood pressure stabilized and I felt great inside. I may have looked good on the outside before the cleanse, but on the inside, I was foggy, irritable, moody, suffering from allergies and feeling generally overwhelmed by life.

The tragedy of life is not that it ends too soon but that we wait so long to begin it. ~Richard L. Evans~

Procrastination is what kills a lot of us…. knowing what we should do but don’t do it. Sometimes, eating healthy will begin with that one simple step of prepping your meals and organizing your fridge. What good is there in having all the healthy food in the pantry or fridge but not eating it. Sometimes, we have to take time to organize the mess in our fridge to be able to get rid of the mess inside our bodies. It’s ok to treat yourself to a gourmet meal at home. Healthy doesn’t have to mean plain and tasteless, healthy food can taste just as good, if not better than the alternative.

My life was never the same after that. All I wanted to do was prep my meals the same way I had prepped my smoothies. I have no doubt that the key to eat smart is to have your meals prepped and ready to go so that when you are hungry you don’t have to start figuring out what to eat or what to prepare. There is no turning back. Meal prepping is loaded with so many benefits and who could have thought that something as simple as having a healthy and organized fridge could brighten up one’s day?!?! I love eating right and being organized makes it a big win. I am happy to be a builder of this healthy and organized generation. Some of the answers to the most difficult health questions lie in the very simple corners of our own homes.


Repeat the prep

Easy it will become

Pleasure you will find in doing the prep

Often you will find yourself prepping

Habit it will eventually become. And that habit will turn into a lifestyle that will in turn be a passion. This is my motto.

You are not the only one to struggle with the organization part of the meal prep. But once mastered, this is where you will see the most success and thank yourself for it. You hold all the answers to your health questions. Just like anyone else, I was once intimidated by meal prep. But my turning point came once I found a system that worked for me and my husband, and there was no going back. I have learned not to take for granted the life changing magic of meal prepping and having an organized fridge. Just imagine having that smoothie on the go, your snacks on the go, your mason jar lunch on the go and dinner waiting for you at home. Plan your success and have that solid week of nutrition and consistency. My mission is to teach others what I have mastered. Whatever your goal is …. be it in maintaining your weight, losing weight, eating better, spending more time with family or simply helping your family maintain a healthy lifestyle….. meal prepping and organizing your fridge will give you success in any of these areas and help you get there.

Planning your meals prevents poor decisions, saves you time during the week, saves you money by having less take-outs, you are sure to have healthy and good food to eat all week, promotes a productive and healthy week ahead and allows you to live a stress free life. Prep once, eat healthy all week. It can’t get any better than this. Store the right food in the fridge and remember, your food likes to be organized too. And what could possibly surpass the feeling you get after your fridge is organized and all your meals are prepped for the next few days. Do not let your busy schedule get in the way of you taking better care of your health. Do whatever it takes. For me, it took having an organized fridge for my life to change.

Wishing you all a healthy and organized life!

Nchimunya Goring

<Creator of Inchee’s Corner>

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