Be your own BFF in life to avoid unnecessary disappointment.

But what is this BFF detox? You ask.

✅Body detox

✅Fridge detox

✅Friends detox

Inchee’s Corner is there to hold anyone accountable depending on what kind of detox they choose to do. Someone might choose to do a whole body cleanse where they will need to eat clean or drink smoothies for that period to replace their three meals. Someone else just might need to detox their fridge and throw out anything that should not be there. Remember, you eat what is in the fridge. Healthy food will not fall from heaven and put itself in the fridge. So you might need to commit to having an organized fridge stocked with healthy food. And this is where meal prepping will come in handy for certain individuals. What a pretty sight that would be… having all your prepped meals well organized in your refrigerator. For someone, believe it or not, it would be the choice of removing themselves from bad company. Bad company ruins good morals. Likewise, bad company ruins healthy eating habits. And sometimes, you just need positive vibes around you. So, why not think about dedicating those 5 or 10 days to stay away from people who will drag you down the drain.

A full BFF detox is not mandatory. Only do what you can. It is not our intention to make you feel overwhelmed with this challenge. Simplicity will make you achieve your health goals. When I first started off, my fridge did not look Pinterest perfect. I have grown over time and mastered quite a lot. And that’s what it’s all about. Soon enough, your enthusiasm and consistency will take you where you have always dreamt to be. At Inchee’s Corner, Members are encouraged to take up this challenge and discover the life changing magic of meal prepping, having an organized fridge and having a great support system.

Understand this, this group would rather have 1 person reach their fitness goals, than have a thousand people entertained and achieve nothing!! We care about that one person and we will push hard to cheer that person on. And that one person can be anyone!! And whoever it is, that’s who this platform is for. Quality over quantity. Our mission is to build a healthy and organized generation. While having a big number would be great, it would amount to nothing if the member’s needs are not being met.


Meal Preppers. What if I told you that prepping will help you lose calories. Plan for the 1st five days. And if doing 10 day body detox, then repeat. Prepping my snacks has been my secret weapon and you will be amazed at how much this simple task will contribute to your good health. People love to say, ‘there is no way I will get full having that salad for lunch’. That was once me. And that was because I was not snacking right, and whenever I chose to snack, it was all junk. Healthy living is very simple, but we become overwhelmed with trying to complicate everything.

Meal prep is meal prep. We all have to find a system that works for us and our families. I can only guide you. You are the only person who understands the needs of your family and whatever method you choose to do meal prep, let no one tell you that it is wrong. Do what fits your lifestyle. It does not have to be done a Certain way. Meal prep is not all about cooking. It can also mean prepping the ingredients at the beginning of the week, and an example of that would be taking time to chop your veggies. This can be so helpful especially when your menu includes salads. The secret with this challenge would be to stick with your favorite recipes, the recipes you have mastered over time. Trying to figure out new recipes at this stage would be futile. Let your focus be on prepping ahead instead of overwhelming yourself with learning new recipes. Meal prep days can be so busy.

List of foods:

The following is an example of the common but healthy foods you can have. Please eat and drink your greens. The only thing I would cook during my meal prep would be chicken, ground turkey, make a batch of black beans for freezing, quinoa. I love my veggies not too soggy so I cook that right before dinner is served. The prepping here would be the chopping, seeing that that can take a lot of time and I just don’t seem to have that time when I get home. Chopping those veggies on my prep allows allows me to have smooth dinner weekdays because all I need to do is toss the contents on the pan and grill or bake for a few minutes. And dinner is served. Within minutes.

• A smoothie for breakfast (separate shopping list)

• A salad for lunch

• Sweet Potato

• Butternut Squash

• Green Squash

• Corn heads

• Quinoa

• Black/Kidney Beans

• Baked/Grilled Chicken

• Meatballs

• Salmon

• Ground Turkey

• Turkey meat

• Kale

• Eggs

• Detox tea

• Peppers

• Baby Spinach/Spring mix greens

• Broccoli

• Cauliflower

• Lettuce

• Red cabbage

• Lemons

• Apple cider vinegar

• Olive oil

• Avocado

• Apples

• Banana

• Cucumber

• Carrots

Snack Attack

Here lies the secret to your weight loss transformation. Healthy snacks are what keep you going. You will thank me later.

• Celery

• Baby Carrots

• Cucumber

• Peppers

• Hard boiled eggs

• Unsalted raw nuts

• Unsalted raw seeds

• Skinny popcorn

• Pop-corners

• Apple

• Peanut butter

• Almond butter

There is a body detox for those who strictly want to do smoothies. But you will have to be very disciplined to do this one. Again, 5 or 10 days. The smoothies will replace your three meals and will have all the nutritional ingredients you need…. protein, carbs and healthy fats. Did you know that you can be skinny and still feel like crap on the inside? Well, that was me. And when I did the body detox for the first time, of course I lost some calories. But my biggest celebration was on how great my body felt afterwards. I had never felt that clean, light, happy, energetic, focused, and motivated. The weigh-loss only came as a bonus.

You can prep contents for all 5 or 10 days, put contents in ziplock bags and freeze it. A night before, toss everything in the blender and add banana, water, flax seed and the protein powder. If you have a small blender, you would have to blend in parts. But if you have a big blender, toss everything in and blend. Just make sure to drink the smoothie no later than 48hours.


You can still have an organized fridge even with toddlers in the house. You eat what you put in your fridge. So, make sure you stock your fridge with the healthy foods and that is what you will consume. You cannot expect that deep fried chicken to miraculously turn into a kale salad. For me, my turning point came when I decided to organize my fridge. I tossed two bottles of coke that were in the fridge and used the space I had left to make detox water. That my friend was step one for me. I looked at that lemon, cuke and orange detox water and my heart was thrilled. I liked the sight, and for the first time, I drank my water as a normal person should. And wanted to drink more and more every second. That simple step motivated me to want to do the same with the smoothies, the meals and to reflect on who I was entering in my Corner. I told myself that I would not let Inchee’s Corner be contaminated. I will watch what I eat, what I put in my fridge, and who to waste my energy on. Be creative and make use of what is in your house for now. I did not have fancy containers when I first started, those came later. How bad do you want to be organized?


Positive vibes. Surround yourself with people who are making a positive influence. Avoid certain calls these 5 or 10 days, love yourself. Self love is so important. How will you love those around you if you have not known how to love yourself. Sometimes, like now, just take some time out and spend time with yourself. Relax, refresh, refrain, restrain, rest!!!

Cheers from my Corner to Yours!!

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