It starts with your fridge

Whenever people tell me how real the healthy eating struggle is, I ask them to show me how and what their fridge looks like. If your fridge has become the reason why making the right eating habits is a struggle, you have to analyze what you put in there. Stock and organize it in such a way that when you open it, your first glance is at that Apple and not that soda. Funny but just don’t underestimate the power of having and organized fridge. You are the person who will have to do everything possible to make this happen. You have to make it a goal to only have foods that are going to do your body more good than harm. Toss out anything that would be categorized as junk. Organizing it won’t help. Organized mess is still mess. TOSS IT!!

When my fridge is stocked with healthy food and is organized, I am happy. For me, that makes life in the kitchen sweet. It is therapeutic to organize my fridge. It almost feels like a heavy weight is lifted off my shoulders every time I organize it. And, the bonus that comes with that is that I get to eat healthy food all week. Yay!!!

Meal prepping helps me have and maintain an organized fridge. I have my smoothie packs prepped, my mason jar lunches, Salad Bar dinners in glass containers and snacks. There is a place for everything…. including a special corner for my leftovers. Makes it easy for my husband to find everything. Helps me save money because I don’t have to buy items I already have. Saves me time from trying to figure out what to prepare and getting to cook everything after a long day. Saves me a whole lot of stress…. I know the burden that comes with making my favorite salad. Lots of cutting and chopping and slicing. Makes me happy to get home after a long day and only take a few minutes to get my dinner ready.

Having an organized fridge is more than just a matter of things looking neat and pretty. It also helps me to know what I have, what I need and what I use. And it helps me keep track of the things that I do purchase. Plus when things are organized, it’s not just an incentive to cook, it helps make cooking a lot easier.

It all starts with your fridge. If it’s not in the fridge, it will not be prepped. And you only get to prep what you have in your fridge. So make sure you have your fruits and veggies. Be creative with what you have and enjoy eating healthy. Yes, even your food likes to be organized. Fill your fridge with clutter and that clutter will fill your body. Stop killing yourself at the gym if you have not taken time to work on your fridge. It’s the simple things. And if those simple things become habits, you will be sure to appreciate the joys of a healthy and organized fridge.

A few months ago, I did a Body and Fridge detox challenge with a number of people. Today I am in awe that one of the people who took part in the challenge had some great news to share. She was eager to take part, had a real Fridge detox and the result today left me jumping for joy. Her ID will be withheld. But here is the message I received this morning:

“Happy be-lated Birthday. Wanted to let you you know that I went to see my Doctor and the good news is that all the cysts are gone. I would like to thank you and your husband for the support to eat healthy and body detox. Its a lifestyle now. Thank you so much! It feels good to be healthy. God bless you guys.”

This is what make me do what I do. This is why my husband supports what I do. Remember our motto?? ‘DOING IT FOR THAT ONE PERSON’. I am happy that a Fridge detox is able to allow one to have a Body detox and the results are phenomenal. I could never have asked for a better birthday gift than allowing God to use me to change and better the lives of others.

The aim is to bring Pinterest to every kitchen across the globe. A fridge stocked with healthy food and is organized to perfection. One fridge at a time until we reach the masses. Students, single people, single mothers, busy mums, busy families, travelers….. this is for everyone who has a fridge in their reach. You will be amazed at how your eating habits will improve. And who would have thought that enjoying a healthy lifestyle would be this fun. Make it a habit to clean your fridge every time before you do your grocery shopping, and that would be every week for most people.

Cheers from my Corner to Yours!!

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