God Speaks …. Listen!!!

Dear You,

I was only 15, minding my own business after a long day at school when I heard what I knew was the voice of God speaking. And of course, like any other teenager, I pretended I didn’t hear anything. I played busy and thought I did amazingly well at ignoring that sweet and still small voice. Did I win, NOPE!!! God was not going to let this one go. You see, I kept hearing that voice and was being told to write a letter to my teacher. My friends, that’s how clear and precise God can be. He is not a God of confusion. His instructions were rather too precise that only a fool would have ignored.

My parents had always encouraged us to take time to listen to God and sometimes just do less yupping. Anyway, I got so mad at some point because His voice is all I could hear and my games were useless. I literally covered my ears hoping I would hear less. Yes, such foolishness, but I just didn’t know what to do despite how clear He was. I remember screaming out these words…. ‘uhhhhhhhg, no, not today…. not now. Why me… just leave me’. And if you think His voice was clear with the first instructions, you should have heard his voice this time around. ‘YES YOU NCHIMUNYA’.

At that point, I was ready to do anything I was being asked to as long as He didn’t leave me to figure out things by myself. Ok, I got a piece of paper and a pen, since I knew I would need that to write a letter to anyone. If there was a way to write that letter with eyes closed, believe me, I would have. There was nothing, absolutely nothing that came from my mind that was jotted down. To this day, I am convinced that God needed something to be put in writing and He picked a simple 15 year old girl with no psychological or professional training to save the life of a High School teacher.

Again, if I had to think of what was in that three paged letter, I would have a lot of paragraphs coming from my mind. I read that letter after it was written and there was no way those were my words. It is so funny how my head was cleared after I sealed the letter. I smiled, and said, ‘that was easy’. I have learned that things seem overwhelming and almost impossible when we try to do everything in our own power and ignoring the instructions given to us. I might have learned the hard way but I am glad I learned a great lesson at the end of it all.

I had the letter ready. I didn’t ask any questions. I knew what was expected of me and I did just that. Just before school assembly, my teacher came over to class and I put the letter on her desk, said nothing and walked out with everyone else to assembly. I couldn’t help but notice that she was not out there with the rest of the teachers. That was not my concern. Well, not at that point. We headed back to the classroom and I was utterly dismayed to see her still sitting in that chair, this time, with her head on the desk. Then, she sat up, eyes all red, and with a serious look on her face, called me to where she was sitting. She asked me to ask my parents to come over to school the following day and said it was important.

Ok, I was ready to snap at God. For the first time just when I thought I had heard His voice loud and clear, my parents were being asked to come to the school. That didn’t sound good at all. Dad would be on my case. What mess did I just put myself into? I regretted being obedient to that voice. I wish there was a way not to have them come to school the following day. I remember going on my knees that day after school and asking God to spare me a good beating. Ugggggh.

As always, it was easier to break the news to mum than dad. I told her that they were needed at school the following day. And I made it clear that I had no idea what it was about. Did dad go? Heck no!!! Dad only went when it was time to collect the report card. Any other business was a waste of time. He had work to do, bills to pay and school fees to deal with. I made sure I did not see mum when she got back from work that evening. I locked myself in the room and dodged dinner. Unfortunately, there was no way I could miss family devotion. That was a must. It was during devotion time that dad broke it down and shared what mum had been told at that meeting.

On that morning that I placed the letter on the desk for my teacher, she had come to class just to do the morning ritual and in a way make sure that her kids had left the house for school in order for her to end her life. She had everything set up and the plan was to go back home after school assembly. See my friends, God’s timing is perfect. Look at how everything transpired. That letter was read at the right time. And since she knew that I could not understand it all, she asked to talk to my parents. To thank them. She said…’God sent your daughter to save my life. My kids won’t have to remain orphans at a very young age because someone out there chose to be obedient. I can never thank you enough for raising such a girl.’ That made me cry. It touches my heart every time I think about it.

Almost 15 years later and dad reminds me of that day and tells me to never stop being attentive to God’s voice: He is always speaking. Question is, are we listening? Are we obedient? Are we busy making our own plans and trying to figure out what step we will take? Are we following His instructions? Are we so focused on our needs that when we hear Him talk to us about another person, we quickly switch off? Are we letting God be God?!?!?! Let’s do our part. Some of us are where we are because someone out there chose to listen to the voice of God. While you wait for that miracle you want so much, avail yourself to be someone’s miracle.

Yours in Christ,

Nchimunya Goring.

3 thoughts on “God Speaks …. Listen!!!

  1. Beautiful beautiful, God bless you, I believe in God, I believe spending time with God is the most important thing you could ever for keep on inspiring us.my love 🌷

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  2. I enjoyed this immensely….I too, not heard, but saw in a dream what would happen if I didn’t heed to his word. God warns us, it’s up to us to obey or disobey. Thanks for sharing.

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