School has started for some and others will start in a few weeks. Is your fridge/pantry ready for the hustle and bustle of another school year? Try to prep snack and school lunch items the Sunday before. Think about cutting up fruits, veggies and anything else that might need a little work. This will save you time in the morning of trying to figure out what goes in that little lunch bag.

I owe it all to my beautiful mother for investing her time and energy in teaching me how to be organized while at a tender age. She didn’t wait for me to turn 10 or 13 to teach me the basics. My mum understood very well that you have to give your child the gift of a personalized organization system that they can maintain. It’s never too early to start teaching Organization, these are skills your children will carry with them all through their lives. And trust me, they will thank you later. Again, I personally can never thank my mum enough for such a special gift.

In terms of organizing for your family, get bins for different snacks and make it easier for kids to access and pack their own lunches. The goal here is to teach the kids responsibility and time management. You may have every snack or food item in the fridge, but if things are not organized, that will steal from your time in the morning as everyone gets ready all because something can’t be found…. either in the fridge or in the pantry.

Have a designated corner in the fridge for kids items such as juice boxes, pouches, cheese sticks, etc. And use clear bins to contain items so kids can easily find their food to go in their lunch bags or find their after-school snack. They don’t have to make a mess of that fridge or pantry in the name of looking for that one little special snack. And when you have that designated corner for school lunches and snacks, those little hands will have easy access and what a better way to teach them what it means to

keep track of what and how much is left.

Amazement awaits those little hands at every corner for every minute you invest in helping them stay organized. While every family is different, the point is to find a system that works for your family to enable you to have much more smooth mornings and allow for more snuggle time. No corner in your home can flourish without taking the time and energy to help it grow. So, go for it and have an organized School Year.

Cheers from Inchee’s Corner to Yours!!

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