If you’ve never used a professional organizer before, here’s how it all works.

A professional Organizer can be used just as you would any professional to get a job done. Need your tax done: get an accountant, need a leaking pipe fixed: get a plumber, need help getting organized: get a professional organizer.

My clients find that good progress can be made on their organising goals in 3 to 5 hour bookings. They find that sometimes it’s just too hard to get things done by themselves. They find that things get done if they book me and get a time-of-action in the diary.

What have you been putting off for a long time? 

In a few short hours this challenging area of your home or office could be crossed off your to-do list freeing you up to do something fun, like spend more time with the ones you love in a calm and tidy environment.

Inchee’s Corner will help you find your way to a calmer, tidier space.

Do you perhaps have Kitchen cupboards overflowing? Papers out of control? Closet jam packed with clothes you never wear?

Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted by the amount of stuff at your house????

Check this out…. Researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute say:

“When your environment is cluttered, the chaos restricts your ability to focus. The clutter also limits your brain’s ability to process information.

Clutter makes you distracted and unable to process information as well as you do in an uncluttered, organized, and serene environment”.

And this weight on your mind doesn’t just disappear when you walk out the door. It follows you to the shops, to your friends’ house and to WORK! It’s sitting on your shoulder, nagging at you all day.

I am happy to be working with one of my favorite clients. Lauren is a New York based Actress and a boy Mama of 3. For her birthday this year, she decided she would not enjoy a spa but that she would also give her special corner a magical touch. To make that happen, she calls Inchee’s Corner. The closet being her favorite place to unwind received that magical touch. I am a firm believer that the closet should be carefully considered, as this is where many of us start and end the day.



Has your home become out of control and the task of getting back in an organised state seems insurmountable? Are you drowning in clutter and wondering how your friends seem to have perfectly organised homes? Have you decided you’re ‘just not an organised person’ after years of trying to get your ‘stuff’ under control?

So walk with me throughout the first month of 2020 as I give you the grand tour of my client’s different corners to help them regain order in their home. Whether you’re a busy mum, business woman or managing a family jump on board the journey to clutter free, organised living.

Maybe next time when it’s your birthday, you will treat yourself to a big Inchee’s Corner special package and have your space transformed.

Cheers from my Corner to yours!


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