Organizing Every Corner

Hello there, Sometimes you need to see the ’before’ in order to appreciate the ’after’ Check out these ’before and after’ corners and be motivated to either get busy or call a professional organizer. I literally jump for joy at every organizing opportunity I get. The one thing I know for sure I was born…Read more »

Where is my ring?

Life experiences taught me that singlehood is a complete season on its own and must be lived to its fullest. There is a grace, joy and opportunities in this phase which must be employed. So, everybody around you is getting engaged! Every day you log onto facebook you find that YET another person is engaged!…Read more »

What’s Your Dream Home?

YOUR DREAM HOME During our courtship, I was enjoying a moment with my fiance (now husband) and he said “Sweetheart, what is your DREAM HOME?” I paused for a short moment to gather my thoughts. #smiling. #clearsMyThroat “I love to have a very spacious sitting room with high ventilation, decently furnished with a touch of…Read more »


School has started for some and others will start in a few weeks. Is your fridge/pantry ready for the hustle and bustle of another school year? Try to prep snack and school lunch items the Sunday before. Think about cutting up fruits, veggies and anything else that might need a little work. This will save…Read more »