I am here to bring perfection to every corner of your home and help you stay organized. I love when things are organized and tidy. I feel way more peaceful when a house is organized. Throughout this blog, I will take you on an organizing journey where I will share tips and motivation on how to organize your house. I will share different ideas on how to stay organized and the magic that comes with prepping.

I always tell my clients to surround themselves in a space that sets the tone for their dreams, thoughts and their actions. I know I have done my work when I see a client enjoy their space, spend less time looking for stuff around the house, their minds are clear, their space is organized and efficient allowing them to start the week off right and help them make smart nutritional choices.

I focus on creating perfectly organized Closets, immaculately looking makeup stations, healthy comfort prepped food for busy professionals, most organized kids closets and reassure clients that perfection is possible.

I am also here to offer weekly meal preparations, private dinners, health and organizing coaching. I usually tend to combine health and organizing because I have come to learn that it is almost impossible to want to lead a healthy lifestyle with a cluttered surrounding. And so, that’s what Inchee’s Corner is all about ….. creating a healthy and organized generation in a busy and disorganized world. Amazement awaits you at every corner.

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Now a little bit about myself

My name is Nchimunya (usually referred to as Inchee).  I was only five years old when I fell in love with organizing. Despite being the youngest in the family, I would organize everyone’s clothes in the house. I would make clothes for my dolls just to have enough clothes to fold and put on hangers.  I would organize clothes for my little friends when I visited them.  My idea for fun as a kid was organizing.  I would find myself organizing clothes in my hiding spot as we played Hide & Seek.  As a student leader, I would gather tons of student volunteers to spend our weekend organizing closets for different orphanage homes in the city.

Everyone has a calling ….. that one thing they are so passionate about, great at and they believe when they do it, it makes God smile.  One’s calling may be big, another one’s may be small.  Whatever the case, each person has lived a great life by finding out and fulfilling that particular purpose.  For me …. I am an expert Organizer.  I organize like no other. I have grown to embrace this special talent and I am in my happiest place when I organize. Simple projects like organizing a closet is to me what candy is to a child. I jump for joy when I hear that someone needs a closet makeover. I love that I know my calling …. makes life worth living as I go about the work I was created for.

My first hint that organizing might be a viable career path came to me while I was in Law school.  I had my room organized in such a way that it made me feel as if I was home.  My friends were always amazed at how well organized everything looked.  One summer, I was home on a break. I decided I would give my parents a unique Anniversary gift. A room makeover. I re-organized their room and when I was done with that project, even I couldn’t believe that that was a project covered by me. I wowed myself. My parents were almost in tears when they saw the makeover. They have always cheered me on and have constantly reminded me of how gifted I am. My dad loves sayings ‘your hands are anointed’, and believe me, that is not a statement I take lightly.

That one makeover has made this simple girl from Chimwemwe, Zambia into an expert Organizer, changing lives by helping people stay organized. That’s what makes me happy.  In the simple words of Wallace Watter, “the daily practice of gratitude is one of the conducts by which your wealth will come to you…’ I have been grateful for every opportunity granted to me to make a difference. There is no greater joy than fulfilling your calling and doing what you love. When you find that calling, go for it!!!! That’s your greatest wealth right there.  In a few words, I would describe my life as very rewarding right now because I can finally do what I enjoy doing and honor God with my gift.  My wealth is measured in using my gift to do the work I need to do and being of great help to many out there …… my wealth is found in realizing that my hands are anointed and all it takes is that one golden touch to do the magic ….. my wealthy abundant life is non-negotiable, and what gives me such a wealthy abundant life is the passion and joy I have in doing what I do.

As a builder of a healthy and organized generation, my corner aims to bring a glimpse of perfection to people’s lives. Throughout this blog, you will see perfectly prepped meals, perfectly folded clothes, perfectly organized closets, perfectly organized homes.  Perfection is not only for Pinterest. Perfection is possible. Yes, you can have your refrigerator look like that one you have pinned on your dream board, you can have your closet look like a piece of your dream closet you once cut out from a Home Interior magazine and you can gaze upon your pantry shelf and be able to tell at a glance where everything is. The American dream is alive and well.


Cheers from my Corner to yours!!